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Here you will find an offering of forms that are part of State Fleet's business operations. The PDF files require either the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin for your browser, or the full Adobe Acrobat package. Other documents may be in MicroSoft Office formats. If you need help with PDF files, click here.
 Accident Reporting Form  Posted: 1/28/15 - 3:21 PM 
Use this form to report accidents in a State Fleet Vehicle
  • PDF File  PDF File - Accident Reporting Form

  •  Exemption from Vehicle ID Requirement (SFM Form 7-84)  Posted: 2/23/11 - 10:24 PM 
    Use SFM Form 7-84 to apply for exemption from the State vehicle identification requirements. Last updated 20 December 2012 to reflect State Fleet's move to 1430 Senate Street.
  • PDF File  PDF File - SFM Form 7-84

  •  Bulk Driver Screening Request  Posted: 5/8/09 - 1:43 PM 
    Use this newly updated Bulk Driver Screening Request form to request screening of Motor Vehicle Records for more than ten possible drivers of State vehicles.

    Instructions are in the PDF file; the form itself is the Excel file.

    Last updated Friday, 8 May 2009.

  • Excel File  MS Excel File - Bulk screening form
  • PDF File  PDF File - Instructions for bulk screening form

  •  Lease Agreement 2009  Posted: 11/6/08 - 9:53 AM 
    The complete Lease Agreement is a binding agreement between State Fleet Management and another State Agency or other government entity. This form is not yet fillable online. Updated 3 December 2008 to reflect changes in Special Use lease rates for the 2009 Model Year.

    Last updated Wednesday, 18 November 2009 to show State Fleet Management's new address.
  • PDF File  PDF File - Lease agreement 2009

  •  Report of Vehicle Abuse  Posted: 7/22/08 - 9:54 AM 
    Use this form to report the abuse of a State vehicle. The form can be filled in online, then printed out and mailed or faxed. Your signature and identifying information are optional, but we need contact information to reply to your complaint.

    ***** ADDRESS UPDATED 21 December 2012 *****
  • PDF File  PDF File - Vehicle Abuse Report Form

  •  SFM Daily Trip Log  Posted: 7/18/07 - 12:03 PM 
    Attached is State Fleet's Daily Trip Log form.

    Updated 21 December 2012 to reflect State Fleet's new address.

  • PDF File  PDF File - Daily Trip Log

  •  Exceptions Report Form  Posted: 2/16/07 - 3:56 PM 
    Use this form (SFM Form 1080) for Agency Directors or Constitutional Officers who don't have to report their mileage on trip logs. Just fill in the date, official miles and commuting miles; the form calculates the totals for you.
  • PDF File  PDF File - SFM Trip Log Exceptions Report

  •  SFM Form 6-77  Posted: 10/23/06 - 2:55 PM 
    SFM Form 6-77 is a request to Purchase, Dispose or Retain a State vehicle.

    As of 23 October 2006 this form can now be filled in and printed from your computer.

    **** UPDATED 21 December 2012 ****

  • PDF File  PDF File - SFM Form 6-77

  •  SFM Monthly Trip Log  Posted: 6/21/06 - 1:18 PM 
    This form is the Monthly Trip Log for State Fleet and other State vehicles.

    Updated 21 December 2012 to reflect State Fleet's new address.
  • PDF File  PDF File - Monthly Trip Log Form

  •  Onyx Mansfield Transaction Dispute Form  Posted: 2/15/06 - 11:50 AM 
    Use this form to dispute transactions on your State fuel card bill with the contractor, Onyx Mansfield. The form is fillable on your computer. Use the Tab key to navigate among the fields.

    When you are finished entering your information, you can either save the document with a different name and submit it by E-mail, or print it out and sign it.

    For more information contact Lindsay D.Wood at (803) 737-1611.
  • PDF File  PDF File - Fillable transaction dispute form

  •  SFM Form 1-79  Posted: 5/26/05 - 11:35 AM 
    Use this form to request exemption from identification requirements for State vehicles. This is a fillable PDF. To use it, click on the line next to the return address and use the Tab key to navigate.

    Updated 21 December 2012 to reflect State Fleet's new address.
  • PDF File  PDF File - Form 1-79 Fillable

  •  Safe Driving Certificates and Pins  Posted: 4/7/05 - 8:50 AM 
    Use this form to submit names to the State Fleet Safety Officer to receive Safe Driving Certificates and Safe Driving Pins (in five-year increments). Fill in the names in our fillable Adobe PDF Form, then print the form out and send it to us.

    Updated 21 December 2012 with State Fleet's new address.
  • PDF File  PDF File - Safe Driving Certificates and Pins form

  •  SFM Form 980-R  Posted: 7/29/03 - 2:31 PM 
    Use this form to register a new permanent assignment or update an existing assignment.

    Updated 27 March 2014.
  • PDF File  PDF File - Perm_Assign_980_20140325.pdf

  •  SFM Form 6-77A Existing  Posted: 4/24/03 - 11:12 AM 
    Use this form to order a Fuel Card for an existing vehicle or for a non-state agency.

    Updated 21 December 2012 to reflect State Fleet's new address.

  • PDF File  PDF File - 6-77A for existing vehicles

  •  SFM Form 6-77A Used  Posted: 4/24/03 - 11:10 AM 
    Use this form to order a Fuel Card when purchasing a Used vehicle.

    Updated 21 December 2012 to reflect State Fleet's new address.
  • PDF File  PDF File - 6-77A for used vehicles

  •  SFM Form 6-77A  Posted: 4/24/03 - 11:07 AM 
    This form should accompany Form 6-77 when you order a new vehicle through State Fleet. This form is to request a Fuel Card for the new vehicle.
  • Word File  MS Word File - DMvM_Form_6-77A_Card

  •  Individual Driver License Check  Posted: 4/4/03 - 1:13 PM 
    Use this form to request a check of the Moving Violation Record (MVR) for a potential or current State employee.

    Last updated 19 November 2009.
  • PDF File  PDF File - Individual MVR check form

  •  Quarterly Accident Summary  Posted: 4/4/03 - 8:48 AM 
    Use this form for your Agency's required Quarterly Accident Summary report to State Fleet Management.

    Updated with new address 21 December 2012.
  • PDF File  PDF File - Quarterly Accident Report form

  •  Rent a Vehicle  Posted: 4/1/03 - 12:32 PM 
    Open this form, fill it in, print it and fax it to request a vehicle from the Columbia interagency motor pool.

    Updated 30 January 2015 Information on requesting to rent a vehicle.

  • PDF File  PDF File - MP Request to Rent a Vehicle

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